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    3D garage tile paving has a strong sense of three-dimensional. It will be very nice and colorful for your garage and other venues that can be used. The tiles have been patented in China, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States and Canada, etc... Now the world is looking for wholesaler sale agents. The agent is required to have a certain scale, and the purchase volume can reach at least one 20-foot container . In order to maximize sales, we do not accept exclusive agency for the time being. (France、Australia and Norway have authorized agents wholesalers, do not disturb, thank you)

    Patent products, counterfeit will be prosecuted!专利产品 仿冒必究!!
    Any imitation floor tile that intercepts part of the product to achieve a three-dimensional effect will be considered an infringement.

    Interested partners please email:
    Email subject please indicate: 3D patent floor tile cooperation

    3D Patented floor tiles sincerely recruit sales agents wholesalers